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  • Creation of a telnet Easter egg for your site
    Just recently I’ve came across this magic feature: ASCII animation via telnet. If you are like me and have been living in the woods for the last 20 or so years, just type: into your command prompt or terminal and enjoy the show! In fact migh not always be available. The whole movie was […]
  • Why did they use landlines to get out of the Matrix
    Remember “The Matrix” where you had to use a landline to get in or out of the Matrix. I know why they did it this way, just bear with me. Rebels were transferring their consciousness back and forth when connecting themselves to the Matrix. Not sure how much is that in Kbits, depends on how […]
  • Let your project evolve naturally
    As software developers, we always like to play with the latest and the greatest tools and frameworks. And also we like to apply practices that are considered the best at the moment. But in our daily work most of the time we are limited by the constraints of the current project. More often we have […]
  • What makes a good manager
    HBO Chernobyl series is surely one of the most well done and successful projects of 2019. When I was first watching the series, it hit me that there are a lot of bad and good situation management examples depicted. I don’t want to concentrate on bad management examples for now, but rather on a good […]
  • What is the right unit in Unit Test after all
    When I started my fist job as a programmer I was told by my mentor colleague that Unit Tests are my “best friends” and a “safety net”, and that I should not worry much about my code as long as tests are green. And then I got my first task. It was a pretty simple […]
  • Override build number in your Azure pipeline
    If you are using Azure DevOps, the build number is generated for you automatically based on the current date and you end up with something like 20200923.4 (meaning it was a 4th build on 23rd of September). Frankly, this is not very descriptive. Good thing – you can override it using special logging commands. The […]
  • How to deal with NullPointerException in Java
    The null-check topic has always been debated over in Java community. Some suggest avoiding null at all costs, some share tips on how to deal with it and others even think there should be no null value altogether. Other JVM languages, like Kotlin for instance, have null-safe de-referencing operator and class definitions that should be […]